Empower Total Retirement Center


Create Your Own Report Customized report for Participant Demographics, Loans, and Withdrawals.
Loan Monitoring Report View all Plan loans by status.
Contribution Changes Report List of participant changes made through RetireSmart; must review to update Payroll records.
Contribution File Submission Uploading a contribution file (for use with non-payroll integration).
File Maintenance
Event Log Review and manage the status of contribution files and other events on the Plan Sponsor website.
Loan Administration
Loan Changes Report List of Participant loan changes for those who have initiated loans, refinanced, or paid off loans in full.
Loan Initiation Initiate a loan on behalf of a Participant.
Loan Reinstatement Reactivate a Participant loan when returning from a leave of absence.
Loan Suspension Suspend a Participant loan (to avoid default) when a Participant is on a leave of absence.
Participant Administration
1099R Look-Up Locate a participant 1099R tax form.
Adding New Employees Adding an eligible employee through the Plan Sponsor website.
Address Change Change a Participant Address.
Statement Look-Up Locate and print or save Participant quarterly statements.
Statement Messaging to Participants Post a custom message to display on Participant quarterly statements.
Status Change to Terminated/Retired Changing a Participant status to Terminated/Retired to initiate the customized distribution process.
Plan Preferences
Debit ACH Establish or update Debit ACH for Contribution file and Plan expense payments.
Push Email Notifications Setup and manage email alerts pushed from the Plan Sponsor website for specific administrative events.
Forms and Documents
Compliance White Papers Locate helpful Compliance documents that may apply to your Plan.
Fee Disclosures Locate Plan and Participant Fee Disclosures.
Plan Related Forms Locate a Plan Related form.
Participant Dashboard Page
Participant Dashboard Page Graphical illustration of Participant activity and holdings.