Changing/Correcting Names and Dates

Changes or corrections to your name, dates, birth, hire or participation, must be submitted through your Benefits Coordinator.

Unique User IDs

You may create a unique User ID/Username, other than your Social Security number, to access your account. Note: Unique User IDs/Usernames can not be assigned via an email request or via the Participant Information Center.

Creating/Changing your User ID/Username

Click the Forgot your Userrname (User ID or SSN)? link on the top of the screen and/or Log In box.

Under the Create/Change User ID/Username heading, enter a new User ID/Username that contains six and eight digits, numbers only, into the fields and click Change User ID/Username.

Forgotten User ID/Username

If you forget your User ID/Username, you can reset it on the website. Select Forgot your Userrname (User ID or SSN)? and answer the security questions. Depending on your plan, you may use your Social Security number to access your account. Once logged in, you may create a new User ID/Username by following the instructions above. This new User ID/Username will override the old one.

Accessing Your Account

Most participants have two options for accessing their account. You may use either your Social Security number and PIN/Password or a unique User ID/Username and PIN/Password. However, depending on your contract, you may be restricted to accessing your account using only your User ID/Username and PIN/Password. You can change your PIN/Password at any time online or by calling 1-800-743-5274.

Connecting to RetireSmart

If you are trying to connect to RetireSmart from a corporate computer, you may experience difficulty in reaching our secure site. Some corporate installations have a security feature known as a "firewall" which can interfere with connecting to a secure site such as RetireSmart. Your local internet administrator can help you check your settings.

In the event of high demand, you may experience a delay in logging onto RetireSmart. If you receive an error message, you should try later, or direct your request to your Plan Administrator. MassMutual accepts no responsibility for participant losses resulting from the inability to access the system on demand.

ALWAYS use the Exit link found on every page to leave RetireSmart. This will help ensure the security of your data.

We have taken extra precautions to ensure confidentiality. Information sent between RetireSmart and your browser is encrypted in both directions. Some browsers have settings which trigger a message (or "dialog box") when you are about to send secure information over the Internet - answer "yes" if you get such a message.

During your visit to RetireSmart, it is possible that the connection may be lost. If this happens, we will ask you to login again for your protection.

System Requirements

RetireSmart requires a browser that supports 128bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and "cookies". If your browser does not support these, you may download one that does from our Login page. See your browser's help file for assistance with enabling cookies.

RetireSmart is optimized for Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 7.0 or higher and Firefox 1.5. In addition, we recommend using a computer with a minimum of Pentium processor, 128 MB (megabytes) of RAM (Random Access Memory), a 56k or higher modem. Monitor resolution should be at least 800 x 600 pixels at 256 colors or higher.

To utilize some of the advanced features of RetireSmart you will also need:
  • Java 4.1 - If you do not have this feature installed on your computer, visit for a free download.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher - If you do not have this feature installed on your computer, visit for a free download.

Before you reach age 65 (or an alternate Social Security Retirement Age), you may wish to take advantage of a service offered by the Social Security Administration: the Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (PEBES).

PEBES will provide a year-by-year accounting of past earnings from 1951 to the current date (earnings prior to 1951 will be summarized), the corresponding estimated yearly FICA taxes, and benefit estimates for early retirement and for normal retirement at ages 65 and 70. The Social Security Administration encourages people to use this service every three years; request forms (SSA-7004) may be ordered by calling 1-800 772-1213.

Three months before you retire, visit your local Social Security office. Bring your Social Security card or some other record of your Social Security number, your birth certificate or other document verifying your age, your marriage certificate and spouse's birth certificate, and your W-2 forms for the past three years. The Social Security office will provide you with information about Medicare insurance.

The Consumer Information Center offers a free Consumer Information Catalog which lists booklets on topics such as health care, money management, and travel. Over half of the booklets listed are free. Some of this information may be helpful to you in your retirement planning.

We Can Help

Contact us for personalized assistance.

For immediate assistance, contact our Participant Information Center at 1-800-743-5274

Monday through Friday Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.

After entering in your Social Security Number and PIN, press “1” for account information and to speak with a representative.

Retired or Terminated Participants, contact a Retirement Specialist at 1-800-743-5274

Monday through Friday Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET.

After entering in your Social Security Number and PIN, press “2” to speak with a representative.